10 items to keep in long term storage

10 Items to keep in Long Term Storage

10 items to keep in long term storage







Local Motion has long term and short term options available at our facility in Brooklyn Park. Here are a few items that you may consider looking at for items that clutter your home and available space.

1. Wedding Dress & other special clothing
Wedding dresses are something most people want to hold onto, usually for sentimental reasons or repurposing for the next generation. Many young people are using elements of their mother’s dresses and embedding them into their own. Baby clothes are also something that many keep for sentimental reasons(I.E. Here’s an article from Brides Magazine for some creative ways to do that!)

2. Photos/External Drives

With the advent of digital photos, old photos are now being digitized. However, not every hard drive is 100% secure and it’s extremely painful and unneccessary to throw away the original image memories you have. Keeping them safe in long term storage not only keeps it safe from fires & animals but also organized.
Looking for an awesome app to upload old physical photos, check out the heirloom app!

3. Grandparents items

When grandparents or parents die, their kids and grandkids are usually left with their stuff. Depending on the time of life that they are in, they may not have time to go through all of the items and figure out what to keep and what to sort. By renting storage units, they will be safe and secure while you figure out when’s a good time to go through the items

4. Children’s items
Many parents like to keep their children’s items, including cribs and high chairs, for use when their kids grow up and have their own children come and stay. If you have quality items that can be repurposed, but are waiting for a few years, put them in storage.

5. Random items you keep in the attic
Your home has limited storage space. Having safe, external storage space for all the items you’d keep in a storage room or attic allows you to have

6. Luggage
Travel happens only usually once or twice a year for most families and suitcases take up a lot of room. Keep them in long term storage and access them before the big trip.

7. Christmas and Holiday Decor

Christmas items only need to be accessed once per year, so it makes sense to keep your artificial tree, ornaments, and other decor in storage and bring it out only when you need them.

8. Out of season clothes & equipment
In Minnesota, coats, shoes, snow pants, skiis, snowboards, boots and the rest take up a lot of room when they are not needed. Place all the bulk in your long term storage unit and grab them in October/November for the season.

9. Documents
After going through your documents, storage units are a great way to store documents that you cannot get rid of-safely and securely!

10. Large Furniture

Furniture is one of our most common keepings in storage. Although many of it is for short term while moving, many people need some time to decide if their current furniture fits their new home and can keep it safe in our facility while deciding and shopping.

For more information on our storage, check out our storage page and call a moving consultant to schedule a pickup at your home today!

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  • Taylor Bishop

    March 5, 2018 at 8:05 am Reply

    Thanks for explaining what could be good to but in storage for long-term. I actually hadn’t considered that you could put luggage in there. This seems like it could be really beneficial if you rarely go on trips, especially if you can end up having more space for other things you use more often.

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