10 Organization Apps to help you pack during your move

Organizing your move can be a challenge. From organizing your items, hosting garage sales or goodwill runs, figuring out what to put in storage, counting down the weeks, working with a realtor, title & mortgage companies to figuring out what to put in each box! Don’t worry-smartphones have become amazing tools to help you stay organized through it all. In addition to our handy dandy moving checklist, here’s 10 awesome organization apps to help you stay organized during your move! All are free to use and available to download.

  1. Trello
    Trello is an amazing app/website to organize many things. What’s also great is it’s a collaborative method-meaning you can share boards with a spouse or realtor. It also has an online version, so it’s not just a phone app.
  2. Evernote
    Evernote is a great catchall for everything, including clipping websites and images, like your new home or furniture you want to buy. It’s one of the most used planning tools in the world.
  3. Wunderlist
    Wunderlist is similar to Evernote and another highly rated app for organizing to do list. They also have a built in computer app as well.
  4. Google Keep
    Google’s apps all work together, including email and calendar and keep is no different. It’s a notes app that can be sorted and lists can be added to it and saved within your google account.
  5. Do!
    A basic to do list that can help you make quick and easy lists. It also sends the tasks to your notification area!
  6. Swipes
    Who doesn’t feel accomplished when they check something off their list? This app is all about swiping away finished tasks!
  7. Snap N Pack Moving Assistant
    Utilizing the power of iphone photos,
  8. Sortly-Moving, Organizing & Inventory
    This is the best app we’ve seen for organizing made specifically for moving. Plus it autosaves to Evernote, which we mentioned earlier!
  9. First Home Checklist
    If you are moving into your first home, you may realize you need more than you thought. This helpful app helps you go through a list and make sure you have what you need-without having to have a bunch of extra Target runs!
  10. Home Move Pro
    Similar to Sortly, this app helps you keep track of items, before and after your move as well!

What organization apps do you use?

10 organization apps to help you pack during your move

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