10 Packing Hacks to organize your move!

Packing is a hugely important part of moving and making it easier for everyone, including the movers, by having everything organized makes the experience much more fun! Here’s a few packing hacks!

Before packing

  • Go through your items. Make boxes of recycle, trash, donate, keep and put in storage.
  • Make a list of number of boxes per room & decide which color it will be designated as
  • Take photos of everything on your phone. If you need to remove wires from electronics, take pictures so you know how to reassemble after.
  • Get one of these awesome apps to help you organize what items are going where you need them to.

       Labeling Your Boxes

  1. Dot Stickers/Post It Notes
    We loved this post by Livng Well Mom where she used small stickers to organize her roommoving-stickers






2. Sticker tape

Looking for an easier way? This pre-labeled tape makes it super easy to label your boxes!









3. Colorful duct tape

Using colorful duct tape may be a cheaper option. Having a different color for each room, which you can write on helps the movers know where to deliver. When you arrive at the house, put a piece of duct tape in the corresponding color from your key on the door in a large X to speed up your move. You can also purchase a tape cutter from tadpole for easy cutting!








4. Washi Tape

Washi Tape is another option for labeling boxes. It’s very inexpensive and easy to label.










5. Overnight/First Night Box:

To include toilet paper, paper towels, towels, clothes, electronics (phone charger, laptop), etc…






Packing Tips & Hacks

6. Store small items in other larger items

Some popular hacks include putting spices & baking supplies into crockpots & pots & books into suitcases. Use cellophane to cover open boxes so you don’t need to transfer them into a moving box. Wrap up your dresser drawers to make them their own “boxes”. So many awesome ideas.










7. Protecting Your Items

Newspapers, packing peanuts & blankets to put in boxes for fragile items. Make sure to wrap your extremely fragile items using bubble wrap or other types of packing materials for extra protection. We sell supplies at our location if you need them. Put paper plates or coffee filters in between real plates to keep them safe.










8. Organizing Clothes

Use trash bags for hangers or use travel space saver bags










9. Organizing Cords

Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize everything from jewelry to electronic cords.









10. Utilize moving blankets.

Local Motion comes with moving blankets so make sure to let our movers know that you want to use them.

What’s your favorite packing hack?

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