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10 Tips on Why Moving In the Winter Can Be A Great Idea

When you think of moving, you probably think of warm weather and summertime. However, in Minnesota, that also means higher costs since everyone is moving at the same time.

Many choose to move in the off season in the winter because it’s much more cost effective and way less stressful. Here’s some other awesome reasons to move in the wintertime

  1. Houses are less expensive: Since many people don’t move in the winter, people don’t price as high as they want to move out ASAP. This is a great deal for you!
  2. Winter deals on Moving: Moving in the off season is great for moving companies, like us here at LM! We have offseason pricing. Make sure to contact us today to hear about our winter rates!
  3. Motivated Sellers & Buyers: When you deal with sellers and buyers in the winter, they are usually almost 100% sold on moving ASAP. Otherwise they would be waiting until spring. Those that come to open houses are much more likely to buy.
  4. Less Competition: Along with being less expensive, you also have a higher chance of getting accepted as a bidder. The homeowners probably don’t have many offers to choose from so it’s easier to win the bid.
  5. More time with Realtors: Realtors can be swamped in the summer and they may not have much time to take you to all the houses you want to see. In the winter, you have many more options and more time to ask questions.

5 Staging Tips on Selling Your Home in the Winter

  • Add some festive decor (wreathes, door mat, christmas decorations) to make it feel like they can move right in.
  • Keep your exterior clear of snow/add sand to make sure people don’t slip and fall
  • Keep it bright-leave windows open, turn all the lights on and have a fire in the fireplace.
  • Turn up the heat! This makes the house seem warm and inviting-even when it’s 25 degrees out
  • Fix any cracks/heat issues before you sell

What are your winter moving tips?



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