12 tips for kids moving to a new school

12 Tips for kids moving to a new school

 Many people choose to move in the summer for an easier school transition.

If you have your kids moving to a new area of town or a new state, there is a lot of things to remember so here’s a few tips!

1. Enroll your kids in their new school. If it’s a private or charter school, there may be waitlists. But even public schools you need to enroll them before they start.

2. Make sure to ask if there was summer homework for the older kids so they don’t show up without doing it.

3. Bring the kids to the school before it starts. Walk around the school and if it’s possible, try to go inside. Many schools have orientation day/night before classes start, so make sure to attend that with your kids. For high schoolers, make sure they know where their lockers are located & help them decorate the lockers

4. Meet with their teacher/school counselor before the school year starts to let them know that you are new to the area and assist in the transition.

5. Read over the new schools rules, you don’t want your child to get in trouble the first day for something they didn’t know or understand.

6. Show your kids where the bus will pick them up or where you will pick them up at school.

7. Find out some extracurricular activities for middle schoolers/high schoolers to try, including choir, band, sports teams, theatre, academic programs & other ways to meet new people.

8. Finish decorating/organizing their new rooms. This way they don’t feel even more overwhelmed when they need to start doing homework.

9. Get all your school supplies in advance during the sales at local stores.

10. Meet your neighbors and ask if they know of any families with kids your kids ages. Then try to meet with a few families so that your child will know at least a few people before walking in on the first day.

11. Make sure your kids have the proper immunizations & doctors appointments that they may need for sports

12. Give the kids your phone number if they aren’t allowed to have cell phones if they need to call you.

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