15 Summer Kickstarter Projects to help you beat the heat!

Looking for some new and innovative ways to keep cool this summer? Look no further!

Kickstarter, one of the world’s most popular crowd funding websites, has many cool ideas, gadgets and products to help you beat the heat this summer! Some items are available for purchase now, while others are still in the pre-order phase.

Here are 15 products for summer Kickstarter funded that are a perfect way to cool down and enjoy the heat!

Bunch O Balloons

You may have seen these on Amazon, but they launched on Kickstarter! This ingenious idea lets you fill up a “bunch of balloons” all at once with your hose and they all fall off when full. For those who need to save time and energy for a water balloon fight, these are a fantastic invention!


Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler, which is one of the most controversial & most funded kickstarter products, has had a lot of issues with funding and getting the coolers out. Either way, it’s a fantastic product!

Freeze That

Compact, fast freezing ice cube tray “Freeze That” is perfect for parties and summer fun. It’s easy to make ice cubes with items inside to pour into drinks.

Hidrate Me (now Hidrate Spark)

Hidrate Spark is one of the coolest smart waterbottles out there (the team actually originated in Minneapolis!) that tracks your water intake & has GPS location so you can’t lose it. They are currently shipping the items.

Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent with Built-in Fans

For those that go camping, it can get both very hot and very bright in the tents. This tent tries to mitigate those issues!

Coolmore Desktop Air Cooler, Cooler & Fan

This is a simple idea that is very useful for those hot summer days when you need air conditioning and a cool drink, right where you are. Perfect for those who work from a desk or have limited AC.


When you are out enjoying the summer, you need to make sure to apply and reapply sunscreen. But how do you know if you have enough or when to reapply? Sunscreenr is an amazing portable gadget that uses powerful technology that was only available to scientists to detect where the sunscreen is actually applied on your body.

Noria Smart Window Air Conditioner

A new version of the bulky window air conditioner, this AC is powered through your smartphone and is much smaller & easier to install.


Using state of the art , Nebia tries to reduce the use of water produced during a shower by changing the size of the water droplets, which has only been used by rocket engines until this point.

Impervious Waterproof Phone Spray

Before the iPhone has waterproofing features come out in the future, you can use this spray to make your phone waterproof.


Hydroactive & Flex Waterproof Headphones

These headphones are perfect for athletes, including swimmers and runners, who are used to getting their headphones wet from the pool or from sweat. They are completely waterproof and use memory


Spatap fits any plastic bottle that turns it into a shower and makes it ecofriendly, can be used to wash yourself or food. Over 90 million plastic bottles are thrown out every year and it can be used in developing/third world countries.

Salt Pack

Salt Pack is the perfect backpack if you are really into water sports like surfing or anything at the beach. It expands to hold all of your equipment.

Towel Tac’r

Towel Tac’r is the perfect product for those who are sick of their towels flying away in the wind. Towel Tac’r are similar to the tacs that nail down a tent, but are made specifically for the sand and for towels. What a brilliant concept!

Do you know of a kickstarter project perfect for summer? Let us know in the comments!


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