What is a BOL?

What is a Bill of Lading and why is it so important?

So you’ve started the move and you get presented with a BOL that your movers are asking you to sign.

What is it exactly?

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a standard and required form that Local Motion and almost all other licensed moving companies use to track your move & have you verify that certain things have been done. We use it on each and every move to verify steps along the way, including insurance, liability, moving costs, customer authorization and more. Add ons, like storage are also listed there. These are uploaded and scanned into our system to add to your move and are stored in our database for safe keeping.

This protects both of us and is seen as a contract, similar to other contracts you may use when hiring others for services.

This, as well as a few other forms may be presented for you to sign on the day of the move. They are all available in the customer service forms area of our website.

A few tips

  • Read the Bill of Lading before your move and make sure to ask your moving consultant if you have questions before the move-you will be too busy the day of the move to have time to read it.
  • You will receive a copy of this form-make sure to hold onto it.
  • Your Team Leader during the move will ask you to sign several times-make sure to ask if they have questions
  • As with all our moves, every move may be more or less than originally estimated. There are many factors to this but know that your final cost may be different than what was originally told to you. This happens on occasion with every moving company because moving isn’t an exact science. Local Motion has designed it’s own software that allows us to track your inventory and factor out an estimate based on what you told us, so it’s usually extremely accurate.Let us know if you have any questions by asking your moving consultants.
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