how to keep kids busy during your move

How to keep your kids busy during your move

how to keep kids busy during your move







Here’s some tips from Local Motion to keep kids busy on moving day and beyond!

Get Creative With your packing items!

Bubble Wrap:

With all of the bubble wrap that you use to pack your fragile items into boxes, let the kids use

Order some extra bubble wrap and let your kids pop and stomp to their hearts content!

Moving Boxes

There are many lists of things to do with moving boxes with kids!

Just know that some of these make them non-returnable-but for many it’s worth it for the kids enjoyment!

-Make Forts

-Make a maze connecting the boxes (Check out this pinterest idea)

-Make the box into a fake car or airplane

– Make shadow puppets. Have kids use their puppets, dolls, toys, fingers or paper dolls to put on a shadow show using a box and a flashlight (Check it out here!)

-Coloring box: turn your moving box into a coloring station-get markers and let the kids color them inside and out

Duct Tape

Find colorful duct tape and have your kids play with it on some extra boxes. Have them spell out words or phrases

Moving Essentials Box

Have your kids pack what they need for their essentials, just like you will. Include toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, pajamas, a few days worth of clothes & shoes, a few books, crafts and toys and whatever else they need for the first few days in the new house.


Have your kids help you clean the house. Give them a broom to help sweep the floor or have them vacuum.


Let the kids pack their boxes so they feel like they are part of the move

Scavenger Hunt

Have kids find the labeled boxes with items on the side. Just make sure if they are already sealed that they don’t open them.

Hide and Seek

As a last hurrah, have the kids play hide and seek around the house that isn’t being moved at the time. It keeps them out of the way and having fun.

Get a cooler out

If you refrigerator is being moved/turned off, you may not have cold items for the kids on a hot day. Get a cooler handy and you can bring it with you in the car.


Want to keep an eye on the kids while working with your movers? Have your kids do some sidewalk chalk to play hop scotch and other games. You can spray it down with a hose before you leave.

Have a favorite tip? Leave it in the comments!

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