Moving to a new state checklist


Are you moving to Minnesota or moving to another state?

We have recently partnered with Global Vanlines to provide both interstate and international moves! This means that in addition to moving local moves, we can also book larger and further moves!

When moving to a different state, there are many things you need to make sure you do.

We have some checklists and request that you backup your computer before the move!

We’ve curated a list of top tips to remember before, during and after your move!

Moving to a new state checklist

License Plates: if you are moving from Minnesota, you don’t have to surrender your plates, but you can drop them off at any branch location (

Driver’s License: Make sure to stop by your DMV in your new state after you move

Change of Address: Make sure to let the following know your new address:

  • Newspaper/magazines
  • Any bills you receive
  • Child’s school/other services, like music lessons/babysitters
  • Insurance (life/health/car)
  • Friends and familyOther things to consider changing/updating.

Cell Phone. Many phone companies require a change of number to a new area code if you are permanently moving to another state.

Health/Car Insurance-these differ by state, so make sure you know how to transfer the information to another state.

Register to Vote-once you’ve moved you, you should register to vote, especially before we vote this fall!

Set up new cable/internet/phone bundle: this is something you may need right away, so set it up before you move

Find New of the Following in your new state:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Eye Doctor
  • Veteranarian
  • Pharmacy
  • Church or Religious Organization
  • School/Job
  • Drycleaners/Haircutter
  • Favorite Restaurants/Grocery Stores
  • Landscaper/yard workers
  • Bank (if you have a local one that isn’t nationwide)
  • Library (and make an account)

We loved this huge list of moving tips also!

Make sure to check out Global Vanlines for your upcoming interstate or international move!

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