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How is estimate calculated?

Our moving consultants use online software developed by our software team that calculates your move based on the type and number of items you have, the date of the move & the distance between the two locations.

How long before the move should I book?

In off peak (November – March) you could probably be ok with 2 or 3 weeks before the move.  During peak season (April – October) you may need more than a month for weekends and dates around the end and beginning of every month.

If we have the movers and trucks available, we can usually do 48 hours and sometimes 24 hours notice.

How is Drive time calculated?

We are different than other companies; we don’t bill from when we leave to when we return

The only billable drive time is when we have your items on the truck. I.E loaded and driving to the new place is billable, vault moves are billable while we transport their goods. We utilize GPS tracking.

Do you use carpets?

Yes we use runners, pads on furniture and all upholstery

What’s the minimum number of hours movers need to work?

2 hours

How often do movers need to take breaks? Is that part of the cost?

Lunch breaks are usually 30-60 minutes long.  This time is taken off the Bill of Lading at the end of the day. Breaks vary depending on weather, length of move, etc….

What days are you open?

We move everyday except Sundays, New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.