$44 Moving Helpers

You provide the vehicle and we provide the labor

Don’t need a truck, but would like some helpers to assist in the heavy lifting? Let our certified and experienced moving helpers assist you. We have an “expert eye” on how to ensure everything is loaded in one trip.

Don’t run the risk of thinking you can efficiently load a truck or portable storage unit yourself. Any spaces that are not filled will force you to make additional trips.

Local Motion Grey Moving Truck

This special is $44/mover per hour + destination fee

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Is there insurance with moving helpers?

No, there is no insurance. That is one of the main reasons we can get the pricing so low. Once it is out of our mover’s hands and in a vehicle, we are not liabile for damages.

Do you provide moving equipment?

We provide straps and upon request floor protection. We do not provide dollies.

If I hire Local Motion to load and unload, does it have to be on the same day?

No it doesn’t. However, there is a destination fee to each location you choose.