Moving Checklist & Timeline

Use the moving checklist below when planning for your move with Local Motion.

Click here for a printable version (PDF 103 KB) or click on the image below.

Moving Checklist for Download by Local Motion Moving Company

Eight Weeks Before Moving Day

Schedule Your Move

Have your moving date scheduled with Local Motion. Do you need storage? The first month is free with Local Motion!

Have a Plan

You may want to have a floor design plan for your new home. This will help you decide what furniture should go with you and what items should be given away, sold, or stored prior to your move.


Create a binder for all of your moving records (estimates, receipts, inventory lists, etc..)

Create an inventory list of items and box contents, including serial numbers of major items, like Tvs, Computers, etc.. use this as an opportunity to update your home inventory

City Services

You may want to contact the city office for information on your new town, utilities, schools, workout facilities, and other quality of life matters.

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

Spread the Word

Inform your friends and family of the move date and your new address.

A Clean Start

Arrange to have helpers for cleaning your home after the movers have finished your move.

School Records

Arrange to transfer your children’s school/medical records.

Four Weeks Before Moving Day

Complete Final Home Repairs

Necessary repair work may come up in the final walk-through prior to closing. It is best to have these repairs completed before you move out.

Start Packing

Start by packing items that are infrequently used. Please do not over-pack boxes. Keep the weight to less than 50 pounds per box. Please label everything as either by room or contents or label “Do Not Move” for items you are packing yourself

Three Weeks Before Moving Day

Change of Address

Contact the post office for change of address forms and information. A helpful guide is available at

Garage Sale

Host a garage or yard sale to get rid of some of your items

Inform Vendors

Arrange to have all of your services switched and hooked up at your new location before move day. These can include

  • Utilities
  • Sanitation/Garbage
  • Home security
  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Lawn care
  • Cleaning services.
  • Water
  • Also, inform magazines, credit card companies and insurance of your new address.

Rented Items

Return and get back borrowed, checked-out and rented items

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

Keep us Informed

Notify your Moving Consultant if you need to add or subtract boxes and items that are a part of your estimate and let them know if you need a new estimate based on these changes. Also let your consultant know if there is a change to your move date.

Confirm Your Move

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us 10 days before your move date. Please complete the 30 second questionnaire to ensure that all of the information is correct.  Make sure all the paperwork is up to date and correct.

Day off

Plan to take the day off for the move and inform your employer

Use Up Food

Try to use up perishable food before the move to make it easier

Restricted Items

Get rid of flammable items, like paint, propane and gas

Pack Necessities

Pack the items you need right away separately

The Week Of Your Move

Schedule Special Services

Your moving team does not disconnect water or gas lines. You will need to schedule a licensed technician to disconnect and re-connect water and gas lines.

Disassembling Items

Your move team will be happy to disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Children and Helpers

Please educate small children of moving hazards and potentially have someone babysit them. Have them stay clear of the truck and move team while Local Motion team members are working. Restrictions on our insurance policy do not allow anyone other than our movers on the trucks.

Make Arrangements for Pets

Please have your pets in kennels or in a closed room prior to our arrival. This will protect them from possible injury during the move.

Move Valuables

Please have all of your valuables, important papers, titles, deeds, and similar items moved ahead of time.

Snow Removal

Please be sure to have all walkways and driveways cleared of snow and ice. Also, please clear snow off outdoor furniture a few days prior to your move.

Defrost Freezer

Defrost your freezer and clean the fridge

Create Plan

Create a plan for moving day.

Moving Day

All Items Packed

Please make sure everything is packed and ready to be moved by the time your move team arrives. This will help ensure that your move goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remove Bedding and take apart beds.

Handy Items Box

Pack a “handy items box” for your first night and day in your new home. It should include scissors, utility knife, cups, paper plates and towels, toilet paper, snacks, and beverages, soap, pens and paper, local phone book, tape, bath towels, trash bags, toiletries, sponge and cleaning supplies.

Clear Walkways

Have all walkways inside and out cleared of clutter. It takes additional time if your move team must maneuver around obstacles.

Final Walk-through

Conduct a final walk through with your moving team to ensure no items are left behind. Inspect the basement, attic, and garage. Be sure to lock your windows and doors turn off the lights. Make sure that the movers have the address you are moving to.

Please be Available

Throughout your move, have someone available to answer any questions and let your move team know where to place your belongings.

After the move is done, please sign bill of lading and take inventory.

Leave Contact Info

Leave forwarding info for mail for new residents.

At Your New Place


Verify utilities are working, like power, water, heating and cooling


Perform an initial inspection, taking photos and noting any damages

Direct Movers

Direct movers where to put things

Assemble Beds and Bedding

Begin unpacking, starting with kitchen, bathroom and other essentials

After Move In Day

Replace Locks

Make at least 2 copies of new keys

Confirm Mail

Make sure mail is coming to your new house

Cancel Previous Utilities

Make sure all previous utilities have been paid for and canceled

Complete Change of Address

Make sure to go to the DMV to update your driver’s license

Home Inventory

Update home inventory with photos


Update Renter’s or Homeowner’s insurance