Storage services for moving


State-of-the-art Storage Facility

Local Motion offers a state-of-the-art hybrid warehouse/self-storage facility for you to house your items in between moves or for long term storage.

We bring our containers to your home and load them for you in just a few hours or you can drive to us and pickup your items, like a normal self-storage facility.

We store the vaults in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse where your prized possessions will remain until you are ready to access them online for delivery or pickup. It’s like their home away from home.

We have over 1,400 vaults. Access items online using our patented photo inventory portal. Our inventory portal allows you to see your items on your computer and hand select which ones you want. Items can be picked up or delivered to your home.

What can you use Local Motion Storage for?

  • Long Term Storage: Looking for a long term storage solution? We don’t have a limit to length of storage usage.
  • Short Term Storage: Need storage for a few months, weeks or days? We offer that too. This is a great option for those moving a few months from their move date or for college students wanting to leave their furniture in Minnesota for the summer.
  • Overnight Storage: Signing your lease late in the day but want your stuff out in the morning? Choose our Overnight storage option, keep your stuff with us and then move out the next morning.

Patented Technology

Local Motion has the most efficient and accessible storage available. We use our patented technology to give you online visual access to your items. Local Motion photographs each of your items as they go into storage using our camera. The images are uploaded to our Local Motion server, and you are sent a user name and password for immediate private access.

Your Benefits

  • Instant access online-don’t forget what you have stored!
  • Drive up to access items; schedule a pickup online!
  • Saves you time of digging through a storage locker.
  • Access items in the safety of your home or business.
  • Use your smart phone, tablet, or PC to view all of your items any time.
Accurate moving estimates by Local Motion Moving Company

Here’s what you see when you drive up to access your vault. You can call or schedule online a pickup of your items. This will be closed until you drive up, safe and secure.


What is the size of each vault/storage container?

The size of each unit is 7′ X 7′ X 4′

How much do the vaults cost?

Vault pricing for a full service move with temporary storage is $45 per vault per month.

Is Storage Pro-Rated?

The storage is prorated by the days customers are charged for the actual days used. We also offer one full calendar month of storage for free.

How can I access/login to see my items?

You will receive a Username and Password after your items get processed into our system.

Once you log in, you can view all of your items on line in the safety of your own home or wherever you have an Internet connection. Local Motion’s system is patented and is the only storage company that allows you online photo inventoried access to your stored items!

Simply add whatever items you want to your cart, and you can pick them up (1 free visit per month), or get them delivered (Contact us for delivery pricing)

Can I get a portable storage container delivered or do I pick it up?

You can do either! Our online portal allows you to schedule either a pickup at our Maple Grove facility or a delivery to your home.

You get 1 free access at our location per month, and every additional visit is $25

For delivery, it costs our Hourly Moving Rates + Delivery Fee (call a moving consultant for exact cost)

Where is our facility located?

8625 Monticello Lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

How big is your warehouse?

75,000 square feet, with over 1,400 vaults. We use forklifts to access your vault

What can’t fit in storage and would be considered rack items?

Rack items are for oversized pieces of furniture that are unable to safely fit inside our vaults. These items are 7 feet in any direction and/or do not stack well, such as large king-sized bed head and foot boards, some couches, large rugs, ladders, grills, and some garage and garden equipment.

Rack items are $11.00 per rack space 

Rack items are for pieces such as a 3 seater couch or any kind of oversized items that will not safely fit inside our containers. A couch would take up 2 rack spaces.

Do you have restrictions for what you can store?

Can I get a tour of the facility?

Yes. Please call our number to schedule a free tour.

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