12 things to know before calling a moving consultant

12 Things to know before calling a moving consultant

Getting a free quote on your move and booking the move is extremely easy with Local Motion’s software. Our moving consultants plug in your info and get you a price within 15 minutes.

To speed up that process, make sure you have the following ready to go when the consultant asks. Here’s 12 things to know before making the call.

  1. What’s the date of the move? What’s the move in date? What is your flexibility for that date?
    Available move dates depend on the number of people wanting that date. If you call and it’s booked, we can find you another date, but it’s best to have a few available dates open in case it is booked. We are not open on Sundays and our mid-week rates tend to be lower.
  2. What’s the City and Zip Code you are moving from and where you are moving to?
    The distance factors in on gas. We only charge for that cost when there are items in our truck.
  3. Apartments/Condos/Townhouses: What floor are you on? Is there an elevator? Are you close to the stairwell?
    This can impact your quote, as movers work faster based on less distance.
  4. Are there rules and regulations for truck parking?
    How far is it from the front door from where our trucks park? Walking time does add to the amount of time calculated into the move.
  5. What’s the type of House (single family, condo, apartment, etc..) moving from to Type of House (Number of rooms) moving to?
    Knowing the number of rooms helps the moving consultant figure out how many items you probably have and gets you a better estimate.
  6. What do you want moved? 
    Before you call a moving consultant, have a written inventory list of all the items that you want moved. Go into every room and jot down all the large items in that room.
    Things You May forget about:
    Bed with headboard/footboard
    Exercise Equipment
    Washer/Dryer-if you are taking it with you.
    Fridge-if you are taking it with you
    Pool tables/ping pong table
    Outdoor furniture
  7. What are the number of Boxes of items you need?
    This is the most underestimated, add more than you think because you don’t think you have as many as you probably do i.e. 1,000-2,000 SQFT, Average number of boxes is 70, 2 bedroom apartment average number of boxes is 45
  8. What are your miscellaneous items (Ironing boards, vacuums, etc…)?
    These are not often considered for the moving trucks, as they are bigger than a moving box, but smaller than large furniture. Go through and add to your inventory.
  9. Will you need to store items at our warehouse for a while?
    Local Motion offers storage at our warehouse. This is perfect if you need to move out but can’t move into your new home for a few days, weeks or months. We can store your items in our secure location in our 7X7X4 vaults and take them to your new home when ready.
  10. Are you moving into new construction?
    You will need to know if there is driveway access (asphalt takes 3 months before you drive a truck on there)
  11. What’s Your budget?
    There are options for different days of the week, number of boxes/trucks, etc… think about it before you call.
  12. Your Credit Card info?
    Your payment info to reserve your move can be taken over the phone or via email.
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    March 16, 2016 at 4:57 pm Reply

    Thank you.

  • Taylor Bishop

    May 11, 2018 at 11:26 am Reply

    Thanks for these tips for talking to a moving consultant. I’m glad that you explained you should have a written list of what you want moved. This seems useful especially if they need to prepare certain tools to move everything effectively.

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