5 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving at your new house

Moving during the summer or fall means that hosting a thanksgiving may be your first chance to show off your new place & host a gathering.

Here’s 5 Quick Tips for hosting a thanksgiving meal

  1. Decorate: Start shopping for fall decor that can be used for halloween as well and can potentially be used for the Christmas season as well. Having 3 holidays so close together means less taking down and putting up decor.
  2. The Meal: Focus on the main items: Turkey & Stuffing and have your guests provide the others, including salads, fruits, bread, etc..
  3. Invest in the must haves: Having slow cookers, crock pots and other items that you will use for decades are a great purchase when moving to a new place (that hopefully has some storage space!) If not, store your off season items & decor with Local Motion
  4. Make a checklist and use Sign Up Genius (https://www.signupgenius.com/) to assign people to what you need to bring
  5. Stock up! Make sure you have enough trash bags, paper towels and other items that you will need for eating so much delicious food!

What are some thanksgiving tips you use?

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