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5 Essential Supplies You Will NEED for Your First Move

Your first big move can be a stressful one. Whether you’re a new couple, a family, or single and ready for a new space — moving comes with a lot of hurdles. Preparation is key, and preventing headaches down the line is all about having the proper tools in your possession before it’s time to pack. 

The right boxes, packing tape, and protection materials are just a few pieces of the moving puzzle. A big move can have a lot of moving pieces; even those don’t directly involve the moving process. We’re here to help you navigate your transition and make it smoother, simpler, and easier every step of the way. 

We’ve compiled a checklist of 10 essential supplies to have on hand before you begin packing. 


Yes, we know this is obvious — but nobody ever seems to have enough boxes come moving time. You’ll want to gather a wide variety of sizes to mirror your various items. Yes, you’ll need larger boxes for larger items, but heavy items require small boxes. It seems counter-intuitive, but the same can be said for lighter items. Just remember: 

  • The heavier the item, the smaller the box
  • The lighter the item, the larger the box 

It’s no proverb, but it’ll do the trick. Keeping boxes from Amazon deliveries or other online shopping habits are a good start leading up to your move. Even taking a trip to your local liquor store to see if they have empty liquor boxes they’ll be tossing out can be helpful. 

However, for those of you that are moving in a hurry or don’t want to fill up your closets with empty boxes, your local movers should have boxes you can purchase at an affordable price. These can be great because they’ll often have packages that provide enough boxes based on the size of your home, apartment, or condo. 

Bonus tip: When packing, don’t overfill your boxes. This can make them uneven and difficult to stack during a move. You don’t want your valuable or delicate items to break while in transit. If you have fragile items, make sure to label those boxes as well. Don’t under pack your boxes either; this will prevent them from collapsing under heavy weight. 

The Right Tape 

Now that you’ve got your hands on enough boxes, you’ll need various types of tape to make your move a seamless process. Before you start packing, make sure you’ve got: 

  1. Shipping tape to seal up your small and medium-size boxes
  2. Duct tape to reinforce and make sure larger boxes remain secure 
  3. Masking tape to label your boxes and make the unpacking process easier 

We’d recommend grabbing at least 2-3 rolls of each (or less if you have some already at home). Moving is all about momentum, and running out of tape can really put a damper on the progress of packing. 

Cutting Materials 

Scissors and box cutters are a must-have. You’ll want to have a pair of strong scissors, too, not a pair you found in your child’s backpack. A box cutter will come in handy once you’ve moved into your new space. It can be helpful to have a couple of pairs at hand, especially if you have a spouse, other family members, or friends that are helping with the big move.  


Sharpies are a great choice for labeling your valuables during the packing process. When it comes to labeling boxes, everyone has their own way of managing it. We recommend a color code system. You can pick up a box of colored sharpies for less than ten dollars. 

Plan on packing the rooms in your home together, this will help keep your belongings in the same boxes when it comes time to unpack. Assign a color for each room in your home and label your boxes accordingly. This will keep your boxes organized and easily recognizable when you’ve reached your destination. 

Protective Packing Materials 

There are a handful of materials you can use to keep your valuables secure and secure from damage. When you’re tallying up the moving supplies that you may be purchasing, don’t skimp out on protective materials. 

Packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are great for keeping dishware, glass items, and other fragile items safe during a move. You can also grab dish divider sets that keep your precious stemware or other glasses from knocking against one another and cracking.

Mattress covers are also essential to keep unwanted dust, dirt, and debris from where you lay your head at night. 

Additional Supplies 

While the five we’ve gone over so far are essential, they aren’t the only packing supplies you should have before your big move. Having a few blankets around to protect furniture, television, or even mirrors is a great idea. 

Felt pads are great to have on hand to put on the bottom of large furniture to keep your wooden floors safe. Vapor tablets to expel moisture from unwanted items are another great addition to your moving kits. 

Cleaning supplies are another must. We’re not going to go through the entire list for you (we’re sure you know how to clean). But, these are great to have on your person before and after a move. Don’t pack these away without knowing exactly where they are because when you get to your new place, you’ll want to clean immediately. 

Get a Hand 

If you’re moving with a trusted and experienced moving company, we’ll take care of keeping all your belongings safe and secure. Our well-trained and dedicated moving team are veterans in local, interstate, and long-distance moving services. 

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