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There is no better value. When considering service, price, speed, and technology, LM.Express is unbeaten. We challenge any moving company to beat our value proposition!

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Move Preparations

We can help you prepare for moving day through packing assistance or shipping you box supplies. We can deliver boxes at no charge to your door. 

Concierge Team

During your journey, your moving concierge team is there to help navigate and guide the moving process. The moving journey is very complex, and we understand every step.

Keeping it Simple


With the best service, price, speed, and technology around, LM-Express is undefeated.


Helping you to prepare and move you to your new home.


Your personal moving concierge ensures that your expectations are met.

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Local Motion Family

Local Motion is a family run business, and we understand what families need when they move. Our administrative staff stays connected to you on your move day, ensuring every phase of your move is exemplary.

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