Moving to Minnesota-10 Thing to invest in for winter!

For those who have moved to Minnesota from a much warmer climate, it can be a shock when the snow falls and the temperature drops and many are unprepared for how much you actually need to buy to protect yourself, your house and your car from the sometimes nasty wind and snow that showers down.

Here are a few items you should think about invest in for your Minnesota winter!

For your Car:

Driving in the snow can be brutal, especially if you are new to snow driving. Many choose to buy cars that have 4 wheel drive because it tends to help when you are slipping and sliding on the roads.

In addition here are a few car ideas to get during this icy cold season

  1. Heated Seats:

    Many cars come with heated seats, but if yours doesn’t, here’s a few options that we found on amazon.

  2. Remote Car starter:

    Going to work or going home from work with your car in a snowy & cold lot doesn’t make most people really excited. Remote car starters can start your car so it’s nice and warm before you leave. Here’s an option from amazon

  3. Ice scrapers for your car:

    These are a must have in the winter when it starts to snow. Having one that has a heavy duty scraper on one end and a brush on the other are always the way to go.


  4. Snow Blower (or a shovel):

    Snow blowers are a bit on the pricy side, but they save so much time and energy if you have a long driveaway to get snow off of. Going to local stores like Home Depot or Sears are the way to go

  5. Salt:

    After you have plowed the ice with a snow blower or shovel, many use salt to de-ice their driveway so they don’t slip and fall. You can buy those at local stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

  6. Heaters & electric blankets:

    Making sure your furnace or indoor heating is working is a must before the cold temperatures come, but it’s also a good investment to get small heaters to add additional heat or for emergencies. Electric blankets can also help you warm up on a frosty day! These can be bought online or in store.


  7. Winter Coat & gloves:

    Having a warm winter coat and accessories is essential for winter. There are many different kinds of coats and jackets, including some that reflect the sun’s rays, fashion coats like pea coats as well as parkas and ski jackets. A few other necessities: gloves, snowpants, long underwear, wool socks, earmuffs and hats.

    A few places to look for coats: Macys, Nordstrom, Kohls, Burlington Coat Factory, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, REI, and many more.

  8. Boots:

    Boots are another investment. Some great places to look for boots include LL Bean, Cabela’s and other outdoor sporting goods stores as mentioned above.

    You may also want to invest in a boot warmer!

  9. Hand warmers:

    There are many different kinds of handwarmers, some you can make yourself, but check out places like walmart and bed, bath and beyond to see all the varieties!

  10. Winter gear:

    ice skates, sleds, skiis, etc… after moving to Minnesota, it makes sense to fit in with the outdoor winter culture! There are many winter sports including ice fishing, ice skating, hockey, broomball, curling, skiing (downhill and cross country), and many more. Renting skates can take place at most ice rinks and many other sports have rentals or you can borrow from a friend or neighbor.

What are your must have winter items?

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