What to Expect on Moving Day + Tips and other helpful information

Local Motion movers are specially trained to conduct your move with care. Your moving team will arrive promptly in a clean, well-equipped truck. They work throughout the day to make sure every last item is in place.


Paperwork (Bill of Lading), a contract explaining services done by LM, is part of the Moving Process and needs to be signed before, during, and after the move. We have it uploaded in the Custom Service Forms Page if you’d like to read it ahead of time.

What is our Tariff? A publication containing Local Motion’s rates, rules, and regulations for services performed in accordance with state law. Many rules are written in the tariff and followed by Local Motion.

Arrival Information:

Movers will arrive as scheduled, any delays will be caused by the following unforeseen situations

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Unexpected traffic delays
  • Encountering road restrictions

If you know of any traffic, construction or road restrictions in the area, please let your moving consultant know ahead of time.

Morning Arrival Time

If you are scheduled for the morning, your move team typically arrives at your first location between 8:00AM to 8:30AM, unless you have arranged a special start time.

Afternoon Arrival Time

There are no set start time for afternoon moves. If you are scheduled for the afternoon, we will contact you on the day of the move to let you know when your move team will arrive. The move team will give you from 30 minutes to an hour of notice.

Things to note during the day

Moving Team Breaks

Throughout the day the move team will take small breaks to plan and organize the move. The movers will usually take a 30 minute lunch break in transit to the new location. The lunch break will be taken off of the bill when the services are calculated.

“Missing” Mover

You may have a team of 3-4 movers, some of whom you may not see much during the day. Don’t worry, they haven’t gone missing-they may be taking a role such as holding the elevator or may be in the truck rearranging items. There are different jobs throughout the move that means you may not see them. Don’t worry-they are working hard behind the scenes!

Tipping Your Movers

It is not uncommon to tip your movers for doing a great job. Gratuity through tips is optional–never expected, but greatly appreciated.

During the Move Terminology

Furniture Count: The furniture count helps us determine the number of boxes, how many movers are required, and the number of trucks that will be used on your move. The furniture count is based on number of trips it takes to move an item to the truck. For example, a nightstand is counted as one item, but a queen size bed is counted as five (mattress, box spring, frame, headboard, and footboard).

Difficulty Rating: Walking distance, stairs, elevators, street parking, and other access issues play a large role in the accuracy of your estimate. Your Moving Consultant tries his or her best to calculate the time it takes to access your locations.

Dispatcher: The person who coordinates, plans and schedules daily moving crews, assigns vehicles, drivers and movers to perform daily task.

What do I do if?

I need to reschedule my move

In the event that your move date changes, please call us right away, and we will be happy to reschedule your move. The deposit will be charged on all shipments booked by carrier for transportation. If shipper cancels move within 24 hours of booking move then the shipper is entitled to a refund from the carrier for said deposit. If move is rescheduled with 72 hours of move date then the deposit is forfeited by shipper and a new deposit will be required.

My movers are late?

Sometimes afternoon moves may be delayed if a morning move was longer than expected. Please call your moving consultant that you booked the move with and they will get in touch with the dispatcher. If you don’t have their contact info, there is a list here with emails and phone numbers or you can call our main line.

Additional Time Situations

Please expect additional time for unforseen situations on your move. Your move team will address any unforeseen situations with you. These may include:

  • New construction grounds
  • Excessive walking distance
  • Additional flights of stairs
  • Adding additional pickup or deliveries
  • Handling several oversized items
  • Adding additional items to your inventory
  • Moving open boxes or unpacked items
  • Disassembling/reassembling several items
  • Unreserved or smaller elevators
  • Additional shrink wrapping or padding

Keep Irreplaceable Items With You

We suggest that irreplaceable and sentimental items be carried with you instead of on our trucks. Such items are included in the following list.

If one of our movers finds one of these items, we will have them return it to you immediately for safekeeping (do a sweep before we arrive).

  • Things of Value
    • Stocks and Bonds
    • Airline Tickets
    • Jewelry and watches
    • Loose Cash
    • Checkbooks
    • Keys to Furniture, Safe, Home, and Cars
    • Family Photographs and Albums
  • Technology:
    • Cell Phones and Pagers
    • Family Video Tapes
    • Computer and Storage Discs
    • Home Theater Equipment and Remote Controls
  • Professional Files
    • Financial Documents
    • Deeds and Titles
    • School Records
    • Medical & Dental records
    • Prescriptions
    • Insurance Policies
    • Documents for Your New Home

Restricted Large Pieces of Furniture

The following pieces of furniture we do not move. We recommend hiring a Piano Mover for the following pieces.

  • Grand Pianos
  • Safes over 600 lbs
  • pool tables (we can move them in 1 piece but cannot dissemble)
  • Exercise Equipment

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are items that are flammable, corrosive, or explosive. Please make arrangements to move the following items prior to our arrival. The following are items that cannot be put in our trucks or in storage.

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Household Batteries
  • Matches and Lighters
  • Aerosols and Chemicals
  • All types of Fireworks
  • Guns and Ammunition
  • Pesticides and Poisons
  • Ammonia and Fertilizer
  • Paints and Paint Thinner
  • All Cleaning Products
  • Nail Polish and Remover
  • Solvents and Bleach
  • Propane Tanks and Gasoline
  • Car Batteries and Motor Oil
  • Charcoal and Lighter Fluid
  • Kerosene and Sterno Fuels

No Passengers in our Vehicles

Please be aware that we are not able to take passengers in our trucks or offer a ride to customers. Please arrange transportation to your new location prior to our arrival.

Road Restrictions Options:

Please be aware that you may be moving into or out of an area where road restrictions are enforced. Because these restrictions change often, you will need to notify your Moving Consultant prior to your move. It is illegal to drive on a restricted road; fines are very costly and vary city by city. The following are the road restriction options.

  • Alternate Route

Please let us know what road is restricted and the alternate route for us to take.

  • Road Permit

If no alternate route is available, please try to arrange for a permit that will allow us to travel the route. Please be aware that not all cities will issue permits.

  • Shuttle Trucks

We can arrange to bring smaller rental trucks with lower axle weights. The cost of these vehicles will be in addition to all other charges and added to your final moving bill.

Billing & Payments

Move Cost Terminology

Non-Binding Estimate: An estimated cost of your move; does not bind Local Motion to the estimated price. The final cost will be in accordance with our tariff filed with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Destination Fee (Trip Charge): The destination fee covers the travel time from Local Motion to your first location, and from your final location back to Local Motion.

Billable Hours: We start the clock when we arrive at your first location and stop the clock when we leave your final location. All time spent loading, transporting between locations, and unloading your belongings is charged at the hourly rate.

Unforeseen Situations: Situations that can occur on a move not included in the original estimate. Customers are asked to sign off on unforeseen situations form the day of the move. The most common unforeseen situation occurs when there are several open boxes on a move and the customer is not prepared prior to our arrival.

In-Route Time: The in-route time is the traveling time between the stops on your move. This time is included in the billable hours on your final bill.

Hourly Rate: Our hourly rate is based on the number of movers we send to your home and the time of the month the move is conducted.

Bill of Lading

We ask that you sign a Bill of Lading at the time we arrive. Throughout the day we will ask you to sign off, indicating that you are satisfied during each phase of your move. The Team Leader will document the amount of time spent on your move and calculate the final cost on the Bill of Lading. Note: The estimate is based upon the information and inventory that was provided.  All moves are billed to actual time and in fifteen minute increments after the minimum.  All costs on move day are based upon the work you request to be competed. This may be reflected in your final bill. You can download the Bill of Lading to read beforehand on our Customer Service Forms page.

Calculating Move Cost

Your move cost includes a destination fee (trip charge), billable hours, and any additional service fees specific to your move. The trip charge covers traveling to and from your location. Your billable hours start when we arrive at your first location and stop when we leave your final location.

Deposit Refund Policy

The deposit is applied directly towards your move costs. It is fully refundable up to 48 hours before your move date, and can be transferred without fee or penalty up to 24 hours before your move date.

Payment Methods

The Team Leader will review the final charges with you at the end of your move. Please have your preferred payment choice ready. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, and personal checks.

Insurance & Claims

Standard Coverage Insurance

The Minnesota Department of Transportation requires all moving companies to provide a minimum standard of coverage. This is defined as 60 cents per pound per item. For example, a 100-pound table would have standard coverage of $60. There is no charge for standard coverage insurance.

Claims Information


Local Motion uses top of the line training techniques and moving equipment to ensure your move is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining the safety and condition of your belongings. However, given the fact that unfortunate situations can occur during the process of a move, Local Motion has a system in place to address issues of that nature.  In the unlikely event of a damaged item, please use the following steps:

1. Complete and return the linked claim form on our customer service forms page by mail, fax or upload via the contact us page.

2. Please e-mail photos of the item and the damaged area to Bill Whiteis. Please send photos at various angles and distances that best represent the scope of the situation.

3. Upon receipt of the claim form and photos, we will either repair or cash out your claim, based on the type of coverage selected during your move.

4. Only submit one claim form per claim, if you have additional claims you must print and complete multiple claim forms and send photos of all damages and items.