Moving Boxes and Supplies

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Get a full refund on moving boxes when returned within 30 days of your final move date!

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Pick Up & Returns

Boxes and supplies can be purchased, picked up, and returned at our location.

Retail is open 9-5, Monday through Friday, Saturday 9-noon 

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8625 Monticello Lane N
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Packing and Unpacking

Want your boxes packed for you? Check out our Packing and Unpacking Service

Quick Guides to Boxes (based on average amount of boxes): Contact us for a free estimate

ApartmentsSmallMediumLargePictureTotalPacking PaperTape
Studio10105Optional2010 lbs.1
1 Bedroom15105Optional3010-20 lbs2
2 Bedroom201510Optional4510-20 lbs3
3 Bedroom251510Optional5020-30 lbs4
Homes* (in sq feet)
1000-200035201057020-50 lbs4-6
2000-30006030201012040-80 lbs4-8
3000-40007545301516550-100 lbs6-10
4000-500010060402022070-150 lbs8-12
5000+125755025275100-250 lbs8-12

We Carry These Moving Supplies in addition to Boxes

Small bubble
Cell pack
Twin mattress bag
Large bubble
Sharpie marker
Full mattress bag
Packing paper
Tape gun
Queen mattress bag
Packing tape
Tape gun combo
King mattress bag


How does the box promotion work?

The boxes you receive are recycled boxes which are in good shape, clean, and a solid box (they can have labels on them). You pay for the boxes up front ($1.99 per small, $2.99 per med, and $3.99 per large plus tax). You have 30-days from your move date to return them back to (Local Motion) in same and similar condition. Meaning, breaking the boxes down flat and cleaning them up of tape and normal wear and tear. If The boxes are returned to (Local Motion) in the same and similar condition, you will be given a full refund on what you return.

Do all the boxes need to be returned at the same time?

No, the boxes can be returned in stages just as long as they are returned with in 30-days of your move

Note: If you have more than one move scheduled with (Local Motion), then you have 30-days from your last (Full Service Move).

Where do I pick up and return boxes?

8625 Monticello Lane N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Does packing supplies come (free) with the boxes?

No, but we do offer a variety of packing supplies that may be purchased.

Can wardrobe boxes be picked up with the box promotion?

No, there will be 7-10 wardrobe boxes on the truck on your moving date. Each box holds 3 feet of hanging clothes. (Full Service Moves Only.)

What fits in each box size?

Small Boxes: Movies, Books, Dishes

Medium Boxes: Clothes, Shoes, Pots and Pans

Large Boxes:  blankets, pillows,

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