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Local Motion Referral Rewards Program

Sign up for our Referral Rewards program and earn money for referring your friends and family to Local Motion! Sign up to make an account where you will get a username and password. Before a friend or family member moves with us, just add their name and move date and earn back 2.5% of their move! You will be added to our leaderboard with a chance to win $1000 to those who receive the most points.

Signup for our Rewards Program!

Rewards Network

Nearly 60% of Local Motion business comes from referrals. We appreciate when you refer people who are moving to our company. Now with Local Motion Rewards, we can return the favor.

Join our Rewards Network and take a shot at winning $1000. It’s easy, free and anyone can join!

Paying You For Referrals

When we work with someone you have referred we will deposit 2.5% of final move cost into your Rewards bank. You can either cash out or purchase gift cards for yourself or someone you know.


Your earned points are ranked on our leaderboard. When the leaderboard value reaches 2000 points the person with the #1 rank on the ladder wins $1,000!

Leaderboard Ladder Reset

Every time someone wins, the leaderboard ladder is reset and the match starts over.

Making extra money couldn’t be easier. If you know someone who is moving, follow these simple steps to earn rewards


What is the Rewards Program?

Our referral program is a way we show our appreciation for your support of Local Motion. When we work with someone you’ve referred to us, we will add points to your Rewards Bank. When you have accumulated enough points, you can cash them out or pick from a wide variety of gift cards. We can even send the gift cards to your friends, family members, clients, and business colleagues on your behalf.

What do I get back as a Reward?

You are rewarded 2.5% of the business that you refer to us. Cash rewards are issued only on orders that we complete, and that are paid in full.

What is my Rewards Bank?

We will maintain and Record all transactions for you in your Rewards bank. Log into your account to view all of these transactions

Can I review account information?

Yes. You can review all of your account history on-line. You can see all the people you have referred to Local Motion, orders that you have referred and that have been completed, and your rewards transactions.

How do I receive Rewards Points?

When an order is completed you will receive 2.5% of cash Rewards, which will be put in your Bank. (Gratuity is not included in Rewards Points.)

What if more than one person refers a client to Local Motion?

Only one person can receive Rewards per order submitted. If multiple people have referred someone to Local Motion, the person who initially entered the order is given credit for the referral and will receive the Reward for the order.

How do I cash-out my bank?

You will need to submit an on-line request through the Rewards site. Enter the information on where you would like the money/gift card to be sent, and it will be sent within 7 days.