10 Trick or Treating Safety Tips for Homeowners

With Halloween comes Trick or Treating, whether you want the costumed children to come to your front door or not, they will come and it makes sense to be prepared.

That’s why we’re sharing 10 tips we have for homeowners before the trick or treating commences.

(Note: make sure that if you aren’t going to be home, make it very obvious. Turn off all lights and put signs up on your front porch/door as well as in your yard. You may want to leave candy out as well).

  1. Pets: Put your pets in another level or in their kennel if they react to the doorbell ringing. Some kids may be scared of pets or allergic so you should probably not have them coming up to the door, especially if they are prone to escaping as well.
  2. Candy: Make sure to have enough candy and let the kids pick what they want from a bowl.
  3. Yard: Check your yard and driveaway and make sure there aren’t leaves or sticks that someone could trip and hurt themselves on.
  4. Download the app “Nextdoor” and label your house as either giving/not giving out candy.
  5. Check your home insurance and make sure that it’s up to date. You don’t want any accidents happening on your property.
  6. Lighting: make sure there is proper lighting from the street to your front door.
  7. Hide any bikes or other items in your yard that may have the possibility of being snatched, especially if you are not home during trick or treating.
  8. Pools: Make sure children cannot stumble into a pool, lake or hot tub area.
  9. Walking door to door: Make sure to tell the kids not to run to the next house and to stick with their parents (and keep a cell phone close) as well as use flashlights if it is dark so they won’t trip
  10. Pumpkins:
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